Kunio Kishida, Japanese musician with a southern rock soul!!

I wrote this article for a facebook group about a recording artist, guitar shop owner/teacher, and lover of great guitar music .  It's a Q&A through email about him, his experiences as a guitar player, and while heavily favored on the Allman Brothers Band, Kunio explores wide range of interesting topics.  I’m also overly inquisitive... Continue Reading →


Untitled Podcasts in the Works

This past weekend, Rod Hullaby, and I sat down at the Cedar Rapids public Library to knock out our first podcast. The Untitled Podcast is the working title for now and between the 2 of us, we rambled enough to fill an hour of time and had a lot of fun doing it.  This is... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Deal!!

I'm not big on resolutions but, I do see the turning of the year as a tick mark on my available days left on this earth.  Being that my birthday is in December, that adds a little urgency come Jan 1 to reevaluate everything and see where I can make improvements.  There are many to... Continue Reading →

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